Who Do You Run For?

By: Amanda Sullivan

I Run 4 Michael (IR4) was founded by Tim Boyle in January 2013. It’s beginning with just 20 people, 10 runners and 10 special needs, has grown to about 30,000 members with nearly 11,000 matches across all 50 states and in 28 countries and four different branches: I Run 4 Michael, Kerri On: I Run 4 Remembrance, IR4 Siblings: The Unsung Heroes, and IR4 Wounded Veterans (data from September 2014). Facebook Stories did a video on the organization on June 22, 2016:

This past spring in the midst of training to run my first 5K through Big River Running Company’s START 5K Program I found out about I Run 4 Michael from a friend and knew I had to register. After waiting for about seven months I was finally paired with a buddy, Elijah, a 3-year-old boy from Alaska who has Down syndrome along with a handful of other health issues due to complications at birth. He recently was selected to be one of the Warrior Kids of Alaska that shares experiences, hope, and courage through the gift of photography and you can read more about his story here.

I am looking forward to dedicating all of my runs, walks, hikes, and other workouts to Elijah and in that process to get to know him and his family as well as what makes him super special, Down syndrome. #irun4elijah

Photo Credit: Leslie Sarten Founder of Warrior Kids of Alaska

Photo Credit: Leslie Sarten Founder of Warrior Kids of Alaska

Thank You to Our Veterans

By: Allison Littman

Thank you to our veterans who have served this country near and far, including Fox Architects’ own Michael Fox. Thank you for your service, you are in our thoughts today.instaflags




Construction Forum St Louis Networking Event

By: Allison Littman

Fox Architects had a great time networking at the Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union 36 Grand Hall this morning with Construction Forum St. Louis! We also learned more about the RUCC and BUD programs from a very informative panel. We look forward to the next event!


New Additions to the Fox Architects Team

By: Janet Paley

Just in case you missed the news… We are excited to announce the hiring of Christy Utlaut, Heather Taylor, and Allison Littman at Fox Architects.

Christy Utlaut

Fox Architects is pleased to welcome Christy Utlaut as the newest Interior Designer of its team. She joined the St. Louis-based Architecture and Interior Design firm in August. Her background spans from Residential Design to Higher Education and Hospitality. In her spare time when weather permits, you’ll find Christy on the golf course.

Heather Taylor

Fox Architects is pleased to welcome Heather Taylor as the newest member of its team. She joins the St. Louis-based Architecture and Interior Design firm as an Intern Architect. She brings to the team 12 years of experience in the field of architecture, and is currently a member of the Ranken Technical College Advisory Board.

Allison Littman

Fox Architects is pleased to welcome Allison Littman as the newest Marketing Assistant of its team. She joined the St. Louis-based Architecture and Interior Design firm in August. Her experience marketing for retail, residential real estate, and a local homebuilder led her to her career with Fox. When not in the office, Allison can be found planning her next international trip.

Welcome to the team everyone!

Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo Highlight

By: Allison Littman

Fox Architects President Joe Burzinski attended the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Orlando, Florida in September. Click the image below to read about what he found to be the biggest takeaway from his time in the sunshine state.Healthcare Symposium Highlight
Want to learn more? We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss how Fox Architects can help you achieve your goals in Healthcare Facility Design. Call us at 314.621.4343 or email us here.

The Helix Files for First Patent

By: Denise Fuehne

The Helix has officially filed for its first patent and we couldn’t be happier for Emerson Climate Technologies. We knew that this Innovation Center would be game-changer in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry (HVACR). Collaboration between Emerson Climate Technologies, Fox Architects, and the University of Dayton has resulted in a unique facility designed to solve problems faced by the HVACR industry of today and the future. Great design yields fantastic results!

To learn more about the patent, click HERE.

To get an inside look at The Helix, click HERE.


Renderings of the Past

By: Zach Foppe

You don’t see renderings quite like these anymore! This was found by a Fox team member while in Kansas City on a project. It’s a Veterans Hospital from 1949. What great attention to detail!


Arrived Perfect – Opening Reception Tonight

By: John Berendzen

Yesterday I received a call from a friend who got an early viewing of the installation “Arrived Perfect (Assembly Required) Sculpture and drawings by Tad Gloeckler.  I’ve been told the exhibition is not to be missed: moreover, Professor Gloeckler is giving a talk tonight (October 13th) about the exhibition from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The opening reception runs till 8:00

This exhibition is in the Morton J May Foundation Gallery on the campus of Maryville University.  Hope to see you there!


Tad is currently an Associate Professor of Art at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia.  from Tad’s Website

“Tad Gloeckler’s work resembles furniture, jewelry or architecture in the same way that Lewis Carroll’s “Hunting of the Snark” resembles children’s literature; it can be appreciated as a light hearted diversion at first, but with successive readings it reveals a dark and critical underside that makes us stop and wonder which other of our diversions might not be so lighthearted as well. Each time we look again, there is another layer just beneath the surface whispering in our ear.”

Take a Closer Look at The Helix

By: Allison Littman

Didn’t make it to the Grand Opening of The Helix this year? Don’t worry – We’ve got you covered.


Exceptional Teachers

By: John Berendzen

Way back in the dark ages I attended Washington University as an undergrad (later as a grad student).  One of the things that impressed me about Wash U was the abundance of phenomenally great professors.  I need to qualify this a bit.  All the professors were good.  Some were great.  Several were “beyond great” – world class people that changed your life.  Wash U has these folks coming out of the woodwork.  I had several.  If you were in the School of Architecture in the 80’s like me, you knew professors like Jim Fitzgibbon (he was the real “most interesting man in the world” long before the Corona guy came on the scene) and Leslie Laskey.  Probably no one shaped my architectural education more than Professor Laskey.  And there was Sarantis Symeonoglou with the Department of Art History and Archeology.

I had lunch with Professor Symeonoglou recently.  It was the highlight of my week.  He filled me in on the progress on his latest book, and we looked over his drawings reconstructing the Palace of Odysseus.  As background, every undergraduate student at the time needed a certain amount of credits from the A&E department.  I lucked into Professor Symeonoglou’s intro class.  Some things he told us I’ve never forgotten, like his advice that the reconstruction of the Parthenon would have been better if they’d used the old methods of joining the stones with metal ties encased in molten lead, instead of the titanium being used.  (Sometimes the old tried and true methods are preferable, even today.)  I had other classes with the Professor, including one on the archeology of the Bible.  Every thing he said, the way he said it – was just so interesting.   It’s amazing how some things can stay with you, 30+ years into the future.


Professor Symeonoglou with his drawings of the Palace of Odysseus