Regulator Technologies

Regulator Technologies

“Regulator Technologies is the world leader in pressure regulator solutions. Fox’s design for our new headquarters in McKinney, Texas, is an integral part of our strategy that further enables our industry-leading technologies and innovations.”

Randy Page


Regulator Technologies (Regulator), a division of Emerson Process Management moved to a new Headquarters adjacent to Highway 75 in McKinney Texas (north of Dallas). Regulator’s cutting edge technology, engineering and craftsmanship produce the world’s best pressure regulators and relief valves. Regulator has a global presence, with facilities and technical experts in over 200 locations around the world.

Fox’s design for their headquarters draws on this highway-viewhighway-viewfront-viewentry-viewentry-view-straight-onatrium-interiorflow-labSEM-labhistory – the design of the building represents a technologically driven, modern company. Modern materials – composite metal panels, glass curtain wall and metal sunshades are combined with the craftsmanship of Texas limestone, brick veneer and scored, stained concrete. Sustainable design features include a high performance envelope, solar shading, high albedo roofing and energy efficient MEP systems. The overall design is simple, sustainable and technologically sophisticated.