March 9, 2012 | Michael Fox | Extracurricular

Architecture in The First Grade

On Thursday March 8th  I was lucky enough to “present” to Mrs. Towe’s First Grade Class at Old Bonhomme Elementary School. My granddaughter Liza Brown is a student in the class and I was recruited by Liza’s mother Lauren.

I was invited as part of their Habit 2: Have a Plan Series, and my focus was to talk with the students about architecture as a career and the role it plays in our lives.

My “presentation” included reading  the great book “Iggy Peck, Architect” (special thanks to Jessica Senne for introducing me to the book); discussing what architect’s do and reviewing a number of project photos and drawings.

The students gave me full attention, asked great questions and, I think learned about architecture. This was a great experience! Special thanks to Mrs. Towe, Hayley Arnold and Lauren Brown for arranging this opportunity.

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