January 31, 2012 | Fox Architects | Uncategorized

Communication is Key

Recently I’ve been doing quite a bit of precedent research for two graphics and wayfinding projects we currently are working on in our office, and the projects I’m finding out there really have me thinking a few things:

1)  People are clever.

2)  It is really important to be able to find your way around, especially in a large university or hospital facility.

3)  It’s really amazing how spatially transformative some paint and vinyl graphics can be.

So, I wanted to share a few images I’ve come across:

First, this project in China, by the architect A-Asterisk.  The lines on the ground plane guide visitors to various parts of this huge facility.



For this next project, I was unfortunately unable to source the designer.  However, what I found interesting about this project (that I believe is French) is the impact these graphics make on an otherwise bland wall surface.


Likewise, this project at Columbia College in Chicago, designed by Gensler, adds flavor that is both graphic and academic.


Finally, I found this image of restroom signage at the blog swiss-miss.com.  Very clever.


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