January 6, 2010 | John Berendzen | Data Centers, Sustainability

Emerson’s Solar Array

One of the design concepts for our recently completed Emerson Data Center is the 100kW photovoltaic array mounted on the roof.  It’s not your usual roof mounted panel system – the array is composed of a large triangle pointed down towards the corner of the building.  There’s a good reason for the design – while the building is parallel with the road, it sits skewed to the north/south axis.  By “tilting” the array with the triangular shape, we gain true southern exposure.

shade/shadow study - solar array
shade/shadow study - solar array

One of our partners in this project was Jack Pouchet with Emerson Network Power.  Jack is a big proponent of renewable energy, energy efficiency and green data center design.  He’s also probably the smartest person I’ve ever met.  Jack recently had an article in Pure Power magazine that’s the best explanation of PV I’ve seen.  Here’s the link:


Here’s my own video discussing the array and the design of the rooftop equipment:


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