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Entrepreneurship in Architecture – Chapter Three (the last one)

This is my last chapter – As you may remember or you may not – Back in October I presented my views on –¬† Entrepreneurship in Architecture to a “captivated” young audience at Washington University’s Architectural School. For this blog I elected to divide the recap of the original¬† presentation into thirds, this is the third and final installment in this saga.

Our business was founded in 1978 and this bit focuses on the last twenty-years of our development. I have been prone to use analogies in many of my presentations. And, I cannot stop now – the similarities between the birth, growth and hoped for maturity of a enterprise and that of a human child is striking. Our little organization met with some of the same challenges a young individual faces as they travel through life. Insecurities, fear of failure, lack of confidence and growth through trial and error.

As in ever life, good fortune can play a significant role. As we approached the early nineties we had expelled a senior individual and started fresh with a group of leaders that shared my view of how the firm should be guided and led. Quickly we achieved improved professional balance and our work showed it. The challenge of a better balanced staff remained, but far less than in the late eighties! As we progressed into the current century I felt truly fortunate in have survived all of the hurdles we had navigated.

Then 2008 came along, THE GREAT RECESSION! My /our education continued. We were again faced with some of the same fears that visited me so long ago. However, we weathered that worst of periods, our clients became very active, we added great individuals to our staff and we move ahead.

I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to surround myself with gifted professionals who are committed to making Fox Architects the best it can be. Entrepreneurship in Architecture or anything – I highly recommend it!

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