November 26, 2012 | John Berendzen | Uncategorized

Fall 2012 Data Center Users Group

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at this falls Data Center User Group conference in Orlando Florida.  I was part of a presentation with Jim Schrader of TechSite Planners, Columbus Ohio.  Our presentation was titled “LEED® vs Data Center Best Practices”.  The presentation was divided into 3 sections

1. Is the data center industry inherently green (or not?)

2. How can LEED improved the design and construction process of your data center

3.  What conflicts arise from LEED’s prescriptive nature that don’t quite fit into the data center environment.

For a long time now I’ve had a “love-hate” relationship with LEED (mostly “love”, I’ll admit)  The part of LEED that annoys me most for data center design is Sustainable Sites Credits 2 – Development Density and Community Connectivity and 4.1 – Public Transportation Access.  There are 11 credits wrapped up in these two credits, both of which are in conflict with best practice for data center design.  Data center’s aren’t typically the best neighbor for urban, pedestrian oriented areas, which is what these credits are advocating.

There were several other great presentations, from the likes of Digital Realty, Emerson Network Power, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and QTS.

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