September 7, 2010 | bfeldman | Extracurricular, Fun, Professional Development

Found In translation

As a St. Louis neophyte and latest Brazilian import, I knew of very little this city could offer me. I was recently hired as an intern here at Fox Architects in order to contribute to a LEED project about an hour away from my hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am very thankfull that my linguistic abilities were able to open a door to such a wonderful company,  specially so soon after acquiring my Bachelors in Architecture.

Since the beginning of my Internship, aside my language skills, I have been able to experience being a part of a design family that has allowed me to grow as a future architect and a true explorer of the Arch city.

A few, out of so many things I cherish about this opportunity is learning many of the cultural and artistic aspects this community has to offer. From going to plays and museum exhibitions to teaching Portuguese and being part of a French speaking club, my experience with my coworkers have been nothing short of splendid.  However my favorite “Fox tradition” is, every Friday morning, we muster up from bed an hour early to go truly live in the lines we work on. We go drawing.  Every week a different spot in town; we have been to markets, parks, churches, all the landmarks that one might not notice on the drive by, the hustle and bustle of everyday life now have become a study, a quilted imagery and a time capsule. 

As it goes, the key to discovering myself in St. Louis was one architectural firm away.

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