December 15, 2010 | bfeldman | Extracurricular, Professional Development


Probably like a lot of people out there, sometimes curiosity strikes and you end up googleing yourself. Outside from the typical thousands of sites that know your address, phone number date of birth and how many freckles you have, I was pleasantly surprised to run across an expose of my study abroad program in Genoa Italy. There I was featured in a nameless PDF file, and all of mine and my peers work compiled together as a demonstration of our efforts. The article was put together I believe by Matthew Rice, our coordinator, professor and mentor during our Italian exploration and it showcased work from FIU students in Genoa, and UNIGE students in Miami. The Interaction of students in foreign countries and the quality of the work produced by, while studying abroad is phenomenal and I believe a must in every student’s career.

Here is the link:


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