January 19, 2010 | bfeldman | Professional Development

Haiti and Missouri SAVE program

Like everyone I’ve been following the recent events in Haiti. The scope of the disaster seems unfathomable. It has reminded me that I need to take the Missouri SAVE (Structural Assesment and Visual Evaluation). SAVE is a program that helps architects and engineers assess the life safety of buildings after a natural disaster.

From the SAVE website:

“the purpose of the SAVE Coalition is to implement a building inspection program for disaster events such as earthquakes and other natural disasters. Following catastrophic events, unsafe buildings of all types pose serious hazards to their occupants, creating an immediate need for damage inspections throughout the affected areas. People may need to be kept from using unsafe buildings, and safe shelter must be provided for those left homeless. Regular building inspection officials may become overloaded instantly and require additional help. It is essential that qualified SAVE inspectors quickly identify structures that are safe for reentry and those that must be avoided.”

SAVE is somewhat like being certified for CPR – there is training involved and you have to keep up your status by recertification. There’s a class coming up this May in St. Louis. Not only is it a good thing to do but it gains you valuable CEU’s toward maintaining you architectural registration. Since we live near the New Madrid fault, programs like SAVE have increased significance.

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