January 24, 2011 | bfeldman | Data Centers, Sustainability

LEED – Public Comments

From the USGBC – LEED website:

In early November, USGBC launched the 1st Public Comment Period for the next version of the LEED Rating System. The 1st Public Comment Period was open through January 19th and generated over 5,000 comments from LEED stakeholders. Comments and recommendations will be reviewed by staff and LEED committees throughout the next several months, with responses to be posted on this webpage. Further revisions will be made to rating system language based on comments, emerging themes, and knowledge we gained from participants in the Pilot Credit Library. The LEED Rating System 2nd Public Comment Period is expected to begin in July 2011.

So get ready to post your comments for the next revision to LEED.  Brett, Ian and I posted multiple comments in the last comment period that ended January 19th.   I posted several comments pertaining to LEED for Data Centers – a new project category for the next version of LEED.

Jack Pouchet with Emerson Network Power has a blog post titled “USGBC LEED for Data Centers – Are you Being Heard?”

In his post, Jack encourages all involved to comment to the draft.  As with most revisions to LEED, it builds significantly from previous versions of LEED NC – it’s difficult to tell how much industry input went into this version (my guess is very little).
There’s an image I typically use when I do a presentation on LEED – the “Love/Hate” fists.   I love LEED for it’s process and clarity, but I hate some of the loopholes and nonsense that gets placed into projects that don’t exactly fit their mold for new construction.  love hateGet ready to review the LEED draft and submit your comments in July 2011 – remember, you can’t complain about it unless you participate!

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