March 16, 2011 | bfeldman | Sustainability

LEED™ing Brazil

With all this new opportunity for LEED accredited projects in Brazil, I’ve decided to take the plunge and take the exam.  Even though being a young architect is overwhelming, like trying to figure out where I’m going to grad school, starting my portfolio, learning Revit etc… the decision of going environmental first came easy. I researched with peers; here are the few of the questions I asked:

How long did you study for?

How difficult is the test?

What materials for studying did you use?

In average the person that studied and passed the exam for LEED AP certification took about 3 to 4 weekend study sessions. They read the provided material from the site, and did your general study routine, flash cards and review questions.

One thing I found extremely helpful, is the amount of study resources you have online. They have websites that although are not sponsored by the USGBC, still are very intelligent tools to help you study.

I particularly signed up with a website that has practice exams and those are extremely helpful, and guess what? There’s also an APP for that. LEED flash cards right on your smart phone.

I thought might as well use my immediate resources, after all isn’t that what being green is about?

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