December 16, 2010 | bfeldman | Extracurricular, Fun

Lost in Translation

This post concerns two important topics.

First, Happy Birthday Frank Rosario!  You don’t look a day older than 45.

Frank hard at work
Frank hard at work

Frank recently took an internet test to determine his mental age, and he scored 37 and 38 – proof that working out and eating nothing but crackers, caned tuna and lima beans for lunch really can improve mental acuity.  Here’s a link to the test.

Frank’s birthday brings up another issue.  It seems that many people in the office – myself included – sent Frank birthday greetings in French.  Since I don’t speak French, I used the popular translation website Babelfish to translate my greetings.  I first tried to send Frank a note saying “Frank, have a great birthday,celebrating with plenty of fine French wine and food.”  Frank translated this as something like “Frank, happy birthday eat wine potato chip” or something like that.  I then tried simplifying my statement to “Happy Birthday Frank.  eat French food.  Get drunk”.  He read this as “Happy birthday Frank, eat dinner, get (something unintelligible)”  Which only goes to prove that it’s a good thing we have Marina around to translate emails to Portuguese for our Sao Paulo project instead of relying on translation websites.

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