December 11, 2013 | John Berendzen | Architecture, Education, Inspirational

Lunch with Leslie Laskey

Frank Rosario and I had the pleasure of lunch with Leslie Laskey today.   We both left saying “That was the best discussion I’ve had in a long time”!  All these years later, after having “Professor Laskey” at Washington University School of Architecture for our 2nd year studios, he’s still teaching and making us think.  Sooner or later the topic always gravitates to the school, what’s happening over there, are we still connected with them (and if not, why not).    I’m paraphrasing now, but he gave us homework:

“We have a responsibility as practicing architects. We need to get involved with the schools, and let them know that good design is more than just a seductive drawing – it’s being involved with the community.  As Architects, our job is to get out of our shells, ask questions, listen to what people have to say.  Architecture isn’t a singular event that comes out of your head, gets built and takes a nice photograph.  It’s about the process of design, drawing in others and building something memorable.”

Time to finish my homework…..

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