October 11, 2012 | John Berendzen | Architecture, Fun

Mapping things out

Sometimes it seems like the world is one big mash up of architecture, design and popular culture.  Recently I was listening to an interview with Ken Jennings, the brainaic “Jeopardy” champion.  He has just published a book called “Maphead“.  In it, he discusses his love of all things map related – from ancient treasure maps to Google Maps to geocacheing.

In many ways, architects are map makers.  Floorplans and sections are one kind of map.  Anyone who’s ever measured an old building knows that its a form of discovery – searching out and understanding the way something fits together – finding the odd spaces that seem to be hidden in plain sight.

We also use “mapping” software, like Grasshopper.  Each year when I sit in on the AIA St. Louis Scholarship interviews, I’m amazed at the student’s use of new mapping technology and its application in the design process.  We do interviews and surveys to “map out” the culture of a client.







Mapping Process from Contour Maps to Analysis to Google Maps
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