Emerson Automation Solutions

St. Louis, MO

Client: Emerson Process Management
Size: 100,000 SF

A unit within Emerson Process Management, the Professional Engineering Center (PEC)  designs and manufactures control modules for industrial processes and other prototypical electronic processing units.

Although manufactured in a variety of widths, the modules are typically the size of a shipping container or larger, with some modules over 100 feet long. Fabricated within their 100,000 SF assembly space, the steel frames are fitted with electronic components and witness-tested. Typically designed to function within the blast zones of a factory, the modules are intended to be controlled remotely and ship worldwide from this location on Emerson’s corporate campus.

Containing 50,000 SF of offices for mainly design engineers, the offices are a steel frame/curtain wall structure that joins with a concrete tilt wall assembly structure. Within the assembly block exists a “staging” area where clients can visit for a few days to weeks for witness testing and training.

To integrate with Emerson’s campus, the office building features glass walls surrounded by green space. Composed of tilt wall panels, the long walls of the assembly block are painted in a horizontal, random pattern of bars, reminiscent of a bar code or OCR code. Transitioning from dark to light, it lessens the overall mass of the building on the site.

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