Emerson Round Rock – Courtyard, NexGen and Collab

Round Rock, TX

Client: Emerson Automation Solutions (EAS)
Year Completed: Expected 2022
Size: 38,000 SQ FT
Project Budget: $11 M

EAS in Round Rock (North of Austin, TX) is the leading Technology Engineers that took Emerson from a Provox system to the current Delta-V system. That advancement was the largest leap forward at the time of the Hawk Group development team. The purpose for the NexGen project is to recreate that same Hawk Group leap for the next generation of products. The three projects NexGen, Collab, and Courtyard are tied together spatially and ideology for the next generation to make that leap for Emerson.

NexGen is a new Agile workplace model for the Technology Group. Collab is a shared collaboration area that supports NexGen and the rest of the EAS site, and the Courtyard is the physical link between the buildings on the site. This physical link is also the touch-down area for the leadership to informally make themselves available to all employees. Connecting generation to generations and workspaces to the workplace.

NexGen is designed around the success of the Hawk Site planning model with two-person (co-programing) private offices. Where most Agile planning models are open plans, that planning model does not attract the more experienced software engineers needed. The challenge was to design a two-person private office model around Agile work: sprits, feedback, and collaboration around a scum table. The glass front offices surround the collaboration area. Providing an electronic scrum board at a standup meeting table, and flexible collaboration areas with the ability to change from software collaboration to hardware development.

“The constant surrounding hybrid workspace design will be change. What we do today will change, it always has and always will.”

Collab is designed around maximum flexibility. Providing the right balance of built spaces to control noise, separating a gaming area from the collaboration area with partially enclosed meeting areas, and using the existing building core to separate PI Planning from the rest of Collab. Using retractable glass partitions as whiteboards and retractable felt panels to screen and control noise, maximizing everyday use against quarterly PI Planning needs.

Courtyard as the connecting space between buildings and people is designed to support hybrid work and the importance of environmental design. Provides an unscheduled touchdown space balancing enclosed space, sheltered space, and open-air spaces to bring the outside in and to take inside work outside if desired.

The greatest challenge today is to provide these spaces as fast as yesterday during an ever-changing supply chain. Fox is nimble and quick to adjust specific product selections but most importantly knows what is critical or not to meet the project design intent.

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