HRW Beloved Health & Rehabilitation

Hannibal, MO

Client: HRW Companies
Year Completed: Expected 2023
Size: 35,643 SF single story building
Project Budget: TBD

HRW Companies develops and operates a variety of regulated care residences. HRW takes a unique approach to providing housing and care spanning senior living, behavioral health and multi-family. The HRW Beloved project renovates an outdated Senior Care Facility into a patient and nurse centric design focusing on pairing health & safety with materials and design reminiscent of home for those caring as well as those being cared for.

Fox has worked with HRW in their office headquarter building, senior living and multi-family development from historic renovation to ground-up construction.  HRW Beloved Senior Living includes a full renovation and reconfiguration of a dining room, creating a central family room and a private lounge for patients and family recovering during physical rehabilitation.

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