HRW Companies Headquarters

Hannibal, MO

Client: HRW Companies
Year Completed: Expected 2022
Size: 12,000 SQ FT
Project Budget: $1.2 M

HRW Companies Headquarters is a historic renovation of an early 20th century building in Hannibal, MO. The interior of the building had been covered up, plastered and other renovations similar to the interior renovations discussed on Principia’s campus. The re-exposure of original brick, uncovering of the larger fenestration originally intended and leveraging daylight throughout the space were all key elements in a successful reinvigoration of this building.

The project includes an administration area, private offices with amenity spaces on the first floor and the HRW office on the upper floor with a private apartment for traveling nurses and other staff. The conceptual focus in this project included infilling the wonderful canvas provided by the original materials with light modern forms and furniture to create a highly functional space with modern comforts while leaning on the warmth of the brick and wood original to the building.

We believe this project is highly relatable to the Principia renovation considering the restoration of a building to original design elements, dealing with modern comforts and codes while working with the end user to create a space both efficient and comfortable for those inhabiting the space.

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