Krispy Kreme

Client: Sweet Traditions, LLC
Size: 5,000 – 25,000 SF

West Jackson, Chicago, IL

Krispy Kreme’s area franchisee Sweet Traditions, LLC had the challenge of expanding this urban retail store. Located in the financial district of Chicago, this 2,000 SF facility catered to the urban fast food service requirements. The lobby location of the 576 West Jackson Building was selected for its proximity to the critical target market selected by the Krispy Kreme Corporate Real Estate Group.

Significant design challenges required Fox Architects to scale and design all facets of a free-standing retail store into the condensed area provided by the building landlord. Most notable was the incorporation of a doughnut “re-heat” oven. This allowed the operational staff to replicate the taste and consistency of a classic Krispy Kreme Doughnut without the large format fryers and cooling line.

Naperville, IL

At this location, Fox Architects supported efforts for their mid-western store rapid expansion development. This store was planned as our client’s prototype “factory store”. Starting with a 5,000 SF Krispy Kreme Corporate Store plan, Fox Architects developed several value added modifications and improvements.

Specifically, the corporate prototype concept was tailored to a southern weather climate. Changes to building’s materials, and improved design / construction detailing needed to be incorporated into the building’s architecture. These modifications were successfully designed, detailed and included into the construction documents providing a building appropriately suited to a northern mid-western climate. Saving $200,000 annually over the previous store model.

Woodridge, IL

This mid-western store location was experiencing rapid expansion development. This was a revision to the store prototype to accommodate the specific development and municipal requirements.

Changes to the building materials from structural block to steel and brick. Added window opens for signage only in order to meet both  corporate Krispy Kreme and municipality requirements/restrictions.  All added to a successful project completion without adding to the project budget. By changing the building structure from block to steel we saved on construction time and cost; accommodating the added brick and glass cost.

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