Progress West Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit

St. Louis, MO

Client: BJC
Year Completed: 2017
Size: 1,300 SQ FT

Fox Architects designed BJC’s Progress West Hospital Special Care Nursery, a project which replaces four existing patient rooms with a Special Care Nursery for newborn babies in need of special attention, and a Well Baby Nursery for babies born without any complications.

One of the design challenges was providing patient visibility for healthcare staff while also affording privacy for patients and their parents. Partitions provided an ideal solution, granting adequate privacy while enabling healthcare professionals to monitor their patients.

Comprised of four partitioned patient bays, the Special Care Nursery also provides additional space for auxiliary support. Capable of accommodating three newborns, the Well Baby Nursery is also equipped to provide an additional special care bed. Utilized by both nurseries, a shared treatment room ensures the most efficient use of space.

Tasked with creating a calming space for mom, baby, and family, the design team applied the hospital’s existing color scheme and finishes. Imparting a connection to nature, wood-patterned casework and floral graphics on wall panels and partitions complete the space.

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