Saint Louis, MO

Client: Rafco Properties
Year Completed: 2015
Size: 3,500 SF

Rafco, a local property management and services company, selected Fox Architects to design their new offices in Clayton, Missouri. These offices presented a unique problem: the client was required to lease and utilize a space that was significantly short on the square footage required to meet the program. The owner was faced with splitting their business on two floors – a solution which they were hesitant to accept.

Fox presented a second solution, building a light gage steel framed mezzanine in this first floor lease space originally designed for retail tenants. Fitting the mezzanine into an 18’ tall ceiling required careful planning of structural and HVAC systems. This solution had a greater initial construction cost than a single story space, but contained less rentable square feet. For twenty percent more construction cost, they achieved thirty percent more space.

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