YiPoA (Youth in Pursuit of Awakening)

Ozark, Missouri

Client: YiPoA (Youth in Pursuit of Awakening)
Year Completed: Ongoing
Size: Total 59,800 sq ft (Phase I: 6,000 sq ft Phase II: 13,800 sq ft Phase III: 20,000 sq ft Phase IV: 20,000 sq ft)
Project Budget: $15 M

YiPoA (Youth in Pursuit of Awakening) is a youth ministry non-profit constructing phase I of an expansive 4-Phase masterplan. Servicing southwest Missouri, YiPoA has elected to headquarters in Ozark, Missouri. Working and residing in the heart of the Ozarks, the Wirtmillers have created unique outdoor and extreme sports setups for local churches on their way to erecting their own home base of ministry, teach and play. The initial multi-purpose building will allow activities and gatherings as they continue to work towards their growing vision.

The Fox team has worked with YiPoA for 7 years through conceptual vision, cost estimating, land evaluation and eventually groundbreaking. Fox is providing design, documentation and construction administration with special phasing considerations throughout the project.

YiPoA and Fox have worked together through a number of site considerations, undue timing and goal prioritization as taking the first step became key to the success of the future completed phases. Careful considerations for evolution within the structure as well as the outdoor sports fields, pump tracks, one-wheel courses and more gave unique and exciting challenges to planning the building, inside and out.

Scope of services included:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Programming
  • Marketing Visualization
  • Schematic Design
  • Engineering Coordination
  • Architectural Documentation
  • Construction Administration
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