March 28, 2010 | bfeldman | Fun, Travel

Taking your dog out for a ride, Manila style

I spent the previous week in Manila, Philippines, working with Emerson’s design team to prepare their office project for “tender”. (I would say “bid”, but in Manila we say tender).  While walking back from a meeting in  downtown Ortigas I spotted this scene – a man driving his classic VW bug down the street with his Chihuahua on top.  dog on carAs I reached for my camera, the driver stopped, got out and struck this pose.  He didn’t seem too worried about stopping noontime traffic on one of the busiest streets in town.  Traffic in Manila moves pretty slowly anyway, and no one seemed to mind.  As he passed, I spotted a large sign covering the back of the car in support of Senatorial candidate Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos – only son of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.   It’s election season in the Philippines and candidate posters are everywhere.  This was certainly one of the more memorable campaign efforts.  I stowed the camera and the car and dog drove slowly away.  Only in Manila……

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