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The Cinematography was Excellent

First, I should explain that the phrase “The Cinematography was Excellent” is actually an inside joke between my husband and myself…the two of us are both self-proclaimed movie (and documentary) fanatics, and we like to use this phrase to express, in a jokingly pretentious way, films that we both enjoy but can’t quite explain why. Anyhow, I’ve chosen this tongue-and-cheek phrase as the title for my new monthly blog installment of “DVD’s that I think are worth watching (or worth downloading from the internet),” which really should have been the title of this entry.
This month I have chosen to recommend the film Winter’s Bone. Not the most light-hearted pick, true, but one that I think everybody should catch…and one that is personally close to my heart because it was filmed in Christian and Taney Counties, Missouri, which is very near where I grew up.
Winter’s Bone follows the chilling tale of one young woman searching for her father deep in the rural Ozarks. The suspenseful plot kept me glued to my seat, but what I found particularly intriguing were the locations and actors that were chosen to tell the stories…apparently the film-makers hand-picked local residents to portray the characters, and carefully selected the rural shacks within which much of the story plays out. And all of this is executed in a very authentic, opposite-of-Hollywood kind of way.
The essence of the eerie deep Ozarks is truly captured in Winter’s Bone, and that alone makes this film worth a top spot on your film “queue”. In fact, when speaking of this film, I think I can seriously say “The Cinematography was Excellent!”

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