August 9, 2010 | bfeldman | Data Centers, Extracurricular, Sustainability

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Here’s some information on a couple of programs I’m involved with this summer/fall.

The first is GovEnergy 2010 in Dallas, August 18th.  I’m part of a panel discussing sustainability guidelines, including LEED.   GovEnergy is an interesting premise – all areas within our Federal Government have been charged with improving energy efficiency.  This covers building design, facility management, programs etc.   People from all over the US attend to share ideas and best practices.   While it’s mostly government officials, there should also be  a large contingent of private sector attendees.  I’ll use the Emerson Data Center as a case study on LEED.  I am part of a panel along with Clay Benson from Mortensen Construction and Warren Thomas from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

I’ll spend part of my time discussing the solar array at Emerson’s Data Center.  I just received news last week that for the month of July 2010, the array contributed 14% of the electrical energy used, measured from the UPS.  Not bad!

Photovoltaic Array at Emerson Data Center
Photovoltaic Array at Emerson Data Center

October 3rd I’ll be speaking at Data Center World in Las Vegas,  doing a virtual tour of Emerson’s Data Center.  I’ll be presenting along with Keith Gislason from Emerson.  Keith now works for Avocent but previously was the IT client contact for the Data Center.  The building’s been operational for a year now, and there’s a lot of great information to share with the attendees concerning the building’s performance.  I’m looking forward to both events!

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