design starts with active listening.

A building is only as good as it's foundation. The same is true for design. Our process begins with a deep dive into our client's world - building a foundation of understanding. We set measurable goals that become the roadmap for our work.

Any project can "look good". Great projects respond to your needs.

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it's a client-centered process.

Design isn’t linear, but it isn’t random either. It is bounded by process and belief. The process starts with exploration and discovery. We learn as much as we can about you -- your operations, culture, history and priorities. This leads to measurable objectives early in the design process.

We believe that design should both serve and inspire. Moving forward, every decision is made to add value, achieve your goals and represent who you are.

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we believe in the power of alternatives.

Decisions made early have the greatest impact on the architectural design, project schedule, and budget. The most effective way to test and confirm a design is by looking at alternatives early in the process. This is a collaborative effort with the client and project consultants. Together we consider various concepts using quick sketches, digital renderings, plans, sections, and/or models.

  • Jeffrey P. Bonner, PhD
    - President and CEO, St. Louis Zoo-Animal Nutrition Center

    “In the decades to come, this is the building against which all other efforts, in zoos around the world, will be measured.”

  • John Swoboda
    - Financial Adviser, Benefit Finance Partners

    “Fox Architects listened to our ideas and worked with us to create a space that reflects the firm’s image while respecting our Budget and Schedule.”

  • Jayne Hebrank
    - Director, Corporate Facilities, CenturyLink/Savvis Hub

    “The Hub that Fox designed provides abundant daylight, multiple areas for interaction and appropriate creature comforts to make this facility a total success.”

  • Fr. Lawrence Biondi. S.J
    - President Emeritus, St. Louis University, Center for Global Citizenship

    “Challenged with a demanding schedule and budget, Fox Architects put the ideal form to our vision for the CGC. The rebirth of the West Pine gym was incredible to witness. It is a wonderful new asset to the quality of a SLU education. I give Fox Architects an A++++!”

  • Rajan Rajendran
    - Vice President, Emerson, The Helix Innovation Center

    “This is not just a building. We are promoting the idea within Emerson of this being a different way of thinking. Not only is this building away from the main Emerson campus, but the building should inspire our people to think about innovation in a different way.”

  • David N. Farr
    - Chairman & CEO, Emerson Corporate Auditorium

    “Innovation, planning, and communication are Emerson hallmarks. Our new auditorium building provides the physical environment where we can assemble our entire global management team to communicate and innovate.”

  • Steve Pelch
    - Vice President of Corporate Planning, Emerson Second Floor AA Building

    “Our headquarters was built in 1971. Working together with Fox Architects for over thirty-years we have made several additions and improvements to the building. This facility continues to serve Emerson as a world-class environment where we can innovate, collaborate and grow the company.”

  • Phillip E. Sowa
    - Former CEO, St. Louis University Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Center

    “The facility required a best-in-practice patient centered environment. Fox Architects was the perfect firm to meet this challenge. Their unique process drove early dialogue, provided alternative design concepts and incorporated the healing impact of daylight. Truly inspired architecture.”

  • AIA | American Institute of Architects
    - Loyola Academy of St. Louis

    “It is a rigorous integration of order, color, lighting, and mechanical. It seems the architectural solution follows the mission of the school.”

  • A. Greig Woodring, FSA
    - Former President and CEO, RGA | Reinsurance Group of America

    “The building continues to get rave reviews from associates and visitors, and the success of the Global HQ says a lot about Fox’s dedication and attention to everything that goes into creating a superior environment. I can’t thank you enough.”

  • Rick Jordan
    - Rick Jordan, Rick Jordan Chocolatier

    “Chocolate has been my passion for many years. I am driven by creating contemporary and unique products. When I decided to open my own shop, I knew that the appearance had to communicate a message consistent with my passion and my products. Fox Architects achieved a brilliant design that strongly communicates that message.”

  • Jim Nyquist
    - President, Process Systems & Solutions at Emerson Process Management

    “We needed a cross-functional collaboration center to bring together decentralized expertise to drive better, faster decision-making. Fox Architects expertly created the environment where collaborative solutions are envisioned and implemented.”

we support innovators.

Every project is an opportunity to change the world for the better. Every day brings a new story. Our firm is continuously building on the experiences, expertise and energy of our staff, clients and collaborators.

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