it begins with the client.

In 1978, Michael Fox founded a design firm based on the belief that the client’s priorities should guide the creative process. Since then, Fox Architects has established a reputation for understanding clients’ needs and creating enduring client relationships. These relationships are built on trust, service and our ability to consistently meet high expectations for progressive, innovative design.

designing for collaboration.

Our clients understand that within their organizations, the "people related" costs (salaries/benefits) far outweigh design and construction costs. Leveraging their buildings as a resource to help people work together more effectively and help recruit and retain the best talent makes sense. Collaboration drives Innovation.

the importance of teamwork.

Great design requires teamwork. We know firsthand the results of working in a collaborative, innovative environment.

Meet our Team

a room with a view.

Our office, located in downtown Saint Louis, embodies the principles of collaboration and wellness that we promote to our clients. We invite you to stop by and see for yourself. With the Gateway Arch as our backdrop, you can't beat the view. Call us to set up a visit. Let's start a discussion...

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