December 31, 2017 | Fox Architects | Extracurricular, Fun, Inspirational

2017’s Running Reflections

As we come closer to the end of the year I wanted to reflect back at my first year with the Program, I Run 4 Michael (IR4). I have completed nine 5Ks, one 3K, and one 10K, logging more than 1,775 miles for the year and many workouts for my program “buddy”, Elijah. I have sent two packages over 3,700 miles to him filled with medals, t-shirts, and trinkets from my races to share my experiences with him. It has been a very great first year and I look forward to many more miles and races in 2018 starting with a race on New Year’s Day to start off the year right! #irun4elijah

One 3K and 10K completed for the year!
First package sent for Elijah’s birthday in July.
Second package sent to Elijah for Christmas.
For Christmas I made a homemade medal board for Elijah to display medals I send him.
Looking forward to my first race of 2018!

You can get a “buddy” yourself by signing up on the I Run 4 Michael website choosing from a Special Needs Match, an Unsung Hero Siblings Match, or a Wounded Veterans Match. It’s a long wait list, but definitely worth it in the end!

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