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The Art of the Relationship

The Art of the Deal vs. the Art of the Relationship

Much has been written and talked about the “Art of the Deal”. And, although there is a certain art form in the pursuit and closure of “a deal”, I believe a much higher art form is the Art of the Relationship. But, much less information is available on the latter. Not surprising when you understand that the gratification that can come from “closing a deal” is infinitely shorter than the time frame, effort and consistent performance required to build a long term relationship.

I fully appreciate the effort, perseverance and skill involved in “doing a deal”. However, building a relationship requires these same characteristics multiplied hundreds of times over many years! “Deal after deal (project) requires successfully meeting challenges, exceeding client expectations, achieving quality results and increased professional capabilities.
Why am I even saying all of this? Because Fox Architects has been built on and continues to grow through our client relationships. And, I’m not referencing a “relationship” of a few years as the standard. I am talking about three decade relationships!

From the beginning our firm has been focused on building relationships and not targeting individual projects. In the summer of 1978 one of our first project opportunities was with Emerson Electric. We are now in our 36th year with Emerson. One could argue that our initial contact and subsequent early activity with Emerson could be explained as being in the right place at the right time. That’s probably somewhat true, but that cannot explain completing 36 years of successful projects, navigating through multiple changes of client contacts and supporting increasingly complex projects. A relationship of this length and breadth can only be grown over time, a long time.
And, even more importantly, our firm is organized and led by these same beliefs. Our ownership has worked together for 28 years. Fox Architects – built through and on strong very long term relationships.

These defining characteristics have and continue to differentiate and distinguish our firm!

Projects / Deals build fees.
Relationships build value.

Happy Holidays!

Michael Fox
12 / 22 / 2015

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