March 11, 2015 | Adnan Omeragic | Fun, Inspirational, Local / Regional, Photography

Foggy Morning in Saint Louis

Driving to work this morning was a bit challenging due to thick layer of fog that settled along Interstate 55 and Saint Louis downtown area. As I am sitting in the traffic I am catching the glimpse of the rising sun through the thick fog. All of the sudden interstate which seemed so ominous transformed  into a scenic pathway coated with soothing gold glow.  As traffic picks up I start seeing silhouette of downtown Saint Louis and the only thing I could think about was how fascinating the view from our office would be.

Finally I was in our office on the 18th floor of the Gateway Tower.  As I walked through the door the warm glow greeted me.

Below are unedited images of the view:


Besides shaping our ability to collaborate and innovate, our office environment provides us with numerous benefits, one of them being the incredible view of downtown Saint Louis. What an amazing feeling is to experience nature in such a pure element from the everyday work environment.

Adnan O.

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