Fox Architects’ Ranken Technical College Graduates

Nearly 1 in every 4 Fox Architects team members are Ranken Technical College graduates. Fox’s Allison Littman took the opportunity to interview those grads for this week’s blog post, sitting down with Adnan Omeragic, Heather Taylor, Chris Montroy, and Zach Foppe.

AL: What does Ranken mean to you?

AO: Ranken provided me with a stable foundation for a career in architecture. It has instilled in me a great work ethic which has benefited me in the professional field. It has also prepared me for graduate school by giving me solid technical knowledge of not only how to design a building but also how to detail one.

HT: To me, Ranken means regional access to a technical education, which in turn provides the region with a skilled workforce.  I am proud of the technical foundation Ranken provided me on which I have built my career.  The technical skills, confidence and work ethic Ranken provides its students allows them to not only find prompt employment after graduation, but to become immediately valuable to their employers and likely become employers themselves.

CM: To me, Ranken represents open doors. The skills I was able to cultivate at Ranken provided me with the tools and confidence to pursue my goal of graduate school and a successful career in architecture. It is something tangible, the knowledge to transform visions into reality.

ZF: To me, Ranken means Success. Through the curriculum and attention to work ethic, Ranken garnered me the necessary technical abilities I needed to make it in the extremely competitive architecture field. I joined Fox Architects right out of Ranken and have been with the firm for two and a half years now doing what I love. Doing what you love is success and Ranken is the reason for mine.

Fox Architects will be well represented at the upcoming Ranken Technical College Job Fair. We’ll see you there!

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