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Fox Supports Efforts of Kairos Academies to Receive Sponsorship from MCPSC

On July 16th, it was voted unanimously by MCPSA, Missouri Charter Public School Association, for Kairos Academies to be sponsored. Our Architectural Designer and IT/BIM Manager Amanda Sullivan is a Kairos Academies Founding Board Member and Secretary. She became involved in the project because she lives in the neighborhood, Dutchtown, and that is where the school wants to be located. Because she loves the neighborhood and lives there she was the first person the Kairos Academies’ Founders asked to become a member of the board last year.

Many may ask why locate the school in Dutchtown? The three zip codes, 63111, 63116, & 63118, that Dutchtown sits at the heart of are three of the four biggest education service gap in the city, meaning that the community has the most number of students and the fewest number of schools. About 70% of students are bussed out of the area, some 30-45 min away, to attend a school for Middle and High School. Providing a choice for students in the community to stay within their community to attend school will not only be good for them, but for the community as well.

Fox was a great help to Kairos Academies’ Founders, Jack Krewson and Gavin Schiffres, over the past year and Fox had a part in assisting with advice about facilities, setting up a tour of a Charter School in the city, and giving them some great connections that was very beneficial to them. Kairos Academies has listed Fox Architects as one of their “Allies in the Cause” on the support page of the website here: https://www.kairosacademies.org/support With the charter being sponsored, Amanda’s hope is that with the connection to the school Fox will have the opportunity of working on projects in the neighborhood and surrounding area.

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