March 19, 2015 | Fox Architects | Architects, Architecture, Design, Professional Development

Fox Presents to IFMA Organization at RGA HQ

Last month members of Fox Architects were asked to present to IFMA (International Facility Management Association) at the recently completed RGA (Reinsurance Group- America Inc) Global Headquarters on the design principles used by Fox in designing the new HQ.  The panel discussion was titled Focus Privacy in the New Workplace and addressed on two major topics; accommodating generational gaps and how to prepare for the future generations, and how different workplace environments affect the quality of those different generation’s performance.

IFMA was pleased to see their largest turnout as over 100 visitors came to see the panel discussion and get a short tour of the world class facility.  Along with myself, Coleen Crutcher and Jacob Coburn represented the three generations (Baby-Boomers, Gen-X, and the Millennials) to offer unique perspectives on the way these generations function in existing workplaces and how with RGA’s new model Fox took evidence-based design to improve quality of space, communication, and create a more efficient workplace.  By focusing on core principals like access to daylight and views, balancing individual and shared spaces and giving free access to alternative work spaces, RGA is seeing an increase in collaboration without distracting the more focused workers.

By showing the floor plans which highlighted office traffic control and space zoning, Fox was able to show the importance of a proper layout and how the right environment is integral to creating trust in the office, the key to imparting knowledge from older generations to future generations.  The panel ended with a tour of the amenities level which includes RGA’s cafeteria-auditorium, servery, training rooms, and the entrance for the facility.


Fox would like to say a special thanks to IFMA for inviting us to give this presentation and thank RGA for allowing us to host the event in their new facility.
Bob Dunn

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