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Walter Netsch’s marker, simple and elegant like the architect’s work

Written by John Berendzen

Last week, in addition to attending the Chicago Architectural Biennial I had the opportunity to visit Graceland Cemetery.  This was my first visit, and I’d highly recommend it to any architect, landscape architect or history buff visiting the Windy City.  Graceland is similar to our Bellefontaine Cemetery, in that they are both representative of the City Beautiful movement of the end of the nineteenth century and are known for the ornate mausoleums and park like setting.

Graceland also happens to be the resting place of several famous architects.  A few are shown below:

Bruce Goff’s marker – unique like the architect.


Louis Sullivan’s marker: purchased and installed by his friends in tribute
Daniel Burnham’s marker: he holds the most important place in the cemetery, on an island. A must see in Graceland. Understated in comparision to the Potter or McCormick tombs, but much more powerful
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