April 29, 2016 | John Berendzen | Architecture

The Helix – “A Playground of Innovation”

The Grand Opening for the Helix, Emerson‘s new Innovation Center on the campus of the University of Dayton had it’s grand opening April 27th.  Fox was well represented at the opening with members of the project team, including Joe Burzinski, Denise Fuehne, Neill Scheiter and Michael Fox.  Tours were given, facebook posts and tweets sent out and speeches were made: the following is an  Excerpt from CEO David Farr’s address to the crowd

“Exciting to see where business and the community can get together to create something unique to solve the world’s problems, and not be told by a government to do it.  This is pure innovation, the way it should be done, just like the great Wright Brothers who founded the aircraft industry many years ago.  Pure innovation.  Pure heart and soul and hard work.  The Helix represents Emerson’s commitment to innovation.  It’s been our cornerstone of this great company for over 125 years.”

Fox is proud of our long history supporting and collaborating with Emerson.

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