September 19, 2014 | John Berendzen | Architecture, Education, Local / Regional

Maryville Students tour RGA

Recently Bob Dunn gave a tour of the soon to be completed RGA World Headquarters to Professor Jessica Senne’s Interior Design Students, Maryville University.  Elizabeth Kastl, one of the students on the tour sent us this description:

“On September ninth, our junior interior detailing class was lucky enough to have a tour of the under-construction RGA Headquarters building in Chesterfield. This building is very close to my apartment, so I have watched the construction progress with much curiosity. Though, who wouldn’t be curious about how that forty foot cantilever works?  Seeing the project almost finished a few weeks ago was an amazing opportunity for our class. We have studied construction strategies through research, conceptually, and digitally; but most of us had not seen something so tangible. We were able to learn valuable information pertinent to our major in an extremely “hands on” fashion. Bob Dunn, our tour guide and a partner at Fox Architects, had all of the behind-the-scenes information of the building through its initial design and construction. He knew that we are all interiors students in detailing class, so he was able to direct the tour towards the parts of the building that most pertained to us students. We saw what happens up inside the ceiling, inside walls, underneath certain flooring materials to achieve the amenities of a building that we always consider. I know that this information will be in the forefront of our minds as we design projects in school and also out in the real world. Our class was tickled to be a part of the atmosphere of a construction site. Our excitement heightened as we tightened our hardhats, fastened our bright vests, and sported our safety goggles. The junior class at Maryville University of St. Louis cannot thank RGA, Fox Architects, and ClayCo enough for giving us the opportunity to use their space and time to further our education and architectural language. Thank you!”


-Elizabeth Kastl, Interior Design Student, Maryville University


Below are some images from the tour.b c d

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