CenturyLink HUB

Saint Louis, MO

Client: CenturyLink
Year Completed: 2012
Size: 5,500 SF

CenturyLink, is a global I.T. management enterprise providing customers software hosting, disaster recovery systems, cloud-based content management, I.T. outsourcing services, and data centers in North America, Europe and Asia. At the firm’s North American headquarters, Fox Architects designed the building’s multi-function conference center in a 5500 SF area formerly used as a network operations center.

The new Conference Center is in a two-story location with abundant daylight. Its design incorporates meeting rooms, team rooms, executive briefing center and coffee area, resulting in a convenient, relaxed and functional venue with access to video and internet in a variety of spaces including a large open lounge that can accommodate employee meetings and gathering functions.
Full-glass fronts at all meeting rooms ensure maximum penetration of natural light from the building’s exterior glass curtain-wall throughout the interior of the space.

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