• Cafeteria
  • Cafeteria Seating
  • Lobby
  • Board Room
  • Exterior Entrance
  • Lobby
  • Exterior

Emerson Building AA

St. Louis, MO

Client: Emerson Corporate
Year Completed: 2011
Size: 4,500 SQ FT
Project Budget: $4.6 M

Emerson’s bucolic suburban campus and distinctive headquarters building provided Fox Architects with unique inspiration for the design of a special use companion structure.

The building is sited directly south of the headquarters building. A link connects the two buildings and provides for selected security control points. Exterior materials and finishes were selected to closely match the headquarters building. The dominant exterior building materials are Cor-ten steel and bronze reflective glass. And, true to the International Style, the geometry of the building is appropriate in context and form with the adjacent building.

The interior of this American Institute of Architects award winning building is impressive in its simplicity. The restrained and balanced use of granite, cherry wood veneers and a serene color palette contributed to the design jury’s comments: “Elegant materials and classic styling complement the Miesian structure.”

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