iOps Integrated Operations Center

Round Rock, TX

Client: Emerson Automation Solutions
Year Completed: 2013
Size: 15,000 SF
Project Budget: $2.3M

Emerson sought an immersive and interactive environment for meeting with customers and showcasing their products and services. This concept became known as the Integrated Operations Center – iOps for short. Sited between two five-story office towers and a parking garage, the iOps serves to both guide visitors into Emerson’s offices and link the two office towers. Although the building addition itself is geometrically simple and consistent with the language of the office towers, the programmatic elements within are organic and curvilinear.

Entry into the project is signaled by a curved glass wall that cants dramatically into the corridor linking the office towers. Beyond the entry are a sculptural piece of display casework and two wood veneer walls that bound the main videoconference and demonstration spaces. Spaces flow one to another. Customers visiting the center move seamlessly from one space to the next. This ambiguity of space linked with the latest technology provide the immersive environment needed to present Emerson’s products and services to a wide variety of clients. This pavilion is an important part of Emerson’s sales process, and the reach of the facility is global, using real-time links to Emerson facilities around the world.

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