National Museum of Transportation Masterplan

Saint Louis County, MO

Client: Transport Museum Association
Year Completed: Ongoing

The Museum of Transportation owes its existence to a local group of railroad enthusiasts whose love of trains and railroad artifacts was boundless. In the early 1960’s, these visionaries began assembling a collection that extends beyond locomotives, rail cars, and railroad memorabilia.

Fox Architects’ relationship with the Museum began in 1998, supporting a Master Plan and Capital Campaign. Since then, Fox has implemented multiple projects in support of the Master Plan, including the Earl C. Lindburg Automobile Building, Upper Lot Comfort Station, and Phase One of the Visitor Center.

In 2017, Fox and SWT Associates began designs for a new Master Plan that recognizes the transition from a St. Louis County Park to a private, not-for-profit National Museum of Transportation. With improved facilities and visitor amenities, the 42-acre site will leverage one of the preeminent collections of transportation artifacts in the country.

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