Regulator Technologies Headquarters

McKinney, TX

Client: Emerson Process Management
Year Completed: 2013
Size: 130,000 SF

Emerson Regulator Technologies combines cutting edge technology, engineering, and craftsmanship to produce the world’s best pressure regulators and relief valves. Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, since 1964, Regulator Technologies has a global presence, with facilities and technical experts in over 200 locations around the world.

Regulator Technologies commissioned Fox to design their new Headquarters. Drawing on its history while meeting the needs of a growing division, the design of the building represents a technologically driven company. Modern materials – composite metal panels, glass curtain wall and metal sunshades – are combined with the craftsmanship of Texas limestone, brick veneer, and scored, stained concrete. Sustainable design features include a highly efficient envelope, solar shading, and energy efficient systems.

The building is grouped around a two-story entry volume, which serves as both a way to separate and join the industrial lab spaces from office zones. Large, acoustically designed windows provide views into the Flow Lab, while preventing sound approaching 140 db from entering the offices. A single large corridor bisects the building, providing a path from office to labs. Break-out areas along the corridor feature spacious windows and connections to meeting and collaboration spaces.

This project is the first development in what will be known as the Gateway District in McKinney, Texas.

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