Spartan Light Metals, Magnesium Die Cast Facility

Mexico, MO

Client: Spartan Light Metals
Year Completed: 2020
Size: 158,000 SQ FT
Project Budget: $50 M

Fox provided architectural design, interiors, furniture selection, and graphics services for Spartan Light Metal Products’ new die cast manufacturing facility in Mexico, MO. The 133,000-sf stand-alone facility is located on Spartan’s existing site and was completed in 2020.

This new state-of-the-art facility accommodates up to four 3,500-ton die cast machines with the ability to cast either magnesium or aluminum. The facility includes office space, assembly, storage and mechanical space and a 53-foot tall high bay for die casting served by a 60-ton crane. The facility design included multiple strategies to incorporate the complexities of working with magnesium.   The facility will help Spartan launch a new business avenue to meet their customers’ demands to increase fuel economy by using lighter weight materials.

A future phase Manufacturing and Excellence Center will highlight the value added through Spartan’s engineering and fabrication processes and will include training facilities for their global client base.  The planning of the manufacturing area allows for an approximate doubling of the size of the facility.

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