July 21, 2014 | John Berendzen | Local / Regional, Sketching

Summer Sketching, Coffeeshops and Urban Renewal

Our summer sketching season is in full swing.  This past Friday we visited Stone Spiral Coffee & Curios, a new stop on the sketching circuit.  The coffee was great, outside and inside were awesome – a very nice place to spend the morning.  It took me a while to find it.  I knew it was on Sutton in Maplewood.  I’m familar with the area of Sutton just south of Manchester Road – there’s a lot of renovation that’s happened there in the past few years.  Stone Spiral is north of Manchester though, in what’s essentially a neighborhood, a couple of blocks from the mercantile zone along Manchester.

We visit a lot of coffee shops in conjunction with our sketching.  This got us thinking: you could probably graph the number and quality of neighborhood coffee shops and compare that to the revitalization of a neighborhood.  The two would track side by side.  I’ll admit I’ve haven’t been to Maplewood lately, but driving around looking for Stone Spiral it was obvious that there’s a lot going on in this area, including more coffee shops to put on the docket for summer sketching.  It’s great to see so many positive things happening in our hometown!stone spiral 2

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