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All of us here at the office took time last Friday afternoon to celebrate  with ice cream/cake, candles/fire-extinguisher  the 40th birthday of long-time staff member Brett Beckemeyer.  But we could just as well have been observing his 15-plus years with the firm.  And his is far from the only tenure to exceed that mark:  fully 35% of our 21 staff members have been with the firm for 15 or more years; 50% for more than 8 years.  In fact, one out of every four Fox Architects staff have been with the company for over 25 years.  Why?  Because Fox has the enviable reputation of maintaining a work environment that is supportive, collaborative, instructive, and enjoyable.  Distinct among our peer firms, the convivial atmosphere of the Fox Architects  studio environment promotes a collegiality of purpose, and results in design solutions derived from all the perspectives, skills, and talents of all of us.  We’re here because we’re good; we stay because the firm is.

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